Workplace Accidents

Did a lunchtime drink, a prescribed medication or a ‘joint’ before work, contribute to or cause an accident? How can you tell if your employees are drinking or using drugs at work?

Determination of possible drug and alcohol involvement by:

  • Evaluating the incident and relating evidence to possible drug or alcohol involvement: Are the circumstances consistent with drug use?
  • Recommending drug or alcohol analyses following a workplace incident or on-the-job accident: What drugs most likely explain the incident and how to look for them?
  • Evaluating prescription drugs and relating them to an incident or employee performance: Is an employees behaviour caused by their anti-depressant or heart medication?
  • Correlating expected drug effects with drug results: Could the drug that was found explain the circumstances surrounding the incident?
  • Help explain test results: Avoid misinterpreting or misunderstanding test results or reports. Testing for drugs is not simple! “Not Detected” does not mean it is not present, simply it was not seen by the tests performed. Not all drug screens are comprehensive and most screens are not capable of detecting specific drugs or small amounts of drugs.

A quick phone call or brief consultation can help you determine what was found and importantly what was not found or what could have been missed.

IFC are happy to address any of these questions or any others you may have and routinely provide advice and reports addressing all issues relating to Workplace Accidents.

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