Result Interpretation

What do the results of the drug test mean?

  • Explanation and interpretation of test results: What do these results mean? Do the results imply one parent is a drug abuser?
  • Has the sample been tampered with? 
  • Would the testing have detected the drug of interest?
  • What do the urine creatinine levels imply? 
  • Is the sample too dilute?
  • Does ‘Not Detected’ mean no drug is present?
  • Could Duromine lead to a methylamphetamine result?
  • Could a positive result be due to inhalation or drink spiking?

Determination of Alcohol Use:

  • Liver Function Tests (LFT) / Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (CDT)
  • Recommend and or facilitate testing regimes (Blood, urine or hair testing)

Determination of drug use history using hair analysis: Depending upon length and type of hair, the drug-use profile of an individual can be determined for many months or even years.

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