Post-Mortem Toxicology

Post-Mortem Toxicology / Homicide / Poisoning Investigations

Did drugs or poisons contribute to or cause the death?

IFC offers legal professionals, law enforcement and medical practitioners, a consulting and testing service for an independent, confidential and authoritative assessment of circumstances surrounding death:

  • What do the results mean? Are the results high or in the therapeutic range?  Could the levels change after death and if so what does this mean? IFC can help interpret drug findings and have more than 20 years experience in post-mortem toxicology
  • Could more tests be done? We can recommend or organise independent analyses
  • Findings don’t make sense? We can help with further investigations

IFC can provide:

  • Evaluation of autopsy reports and determination of drug contribution to death
  • Forensic autopsy analysis to assist pathologists in making cause of death determinations
  • Poison identification and differential diagnosis of chemically induced diseases
  • Expert witness testimony in support of opinions and test results

A quick phone call or brief consultation can help you determine what was found and importantly what was not found or what could have been missed.

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