PI, Workplace & Insurance Law

Determination of cause and contribution of drugs or alcohol to an incident, or illnesses associated with exposure to chemicals and other poisons, IFC can provide assistance in all drug and alcohol related matters.

IFC are routinely involved in Personal Injury; Insurance / CTP; Workplace Accident and Medical Negligence matters;

  • Determine if alcohol or other drugs contributed to an incident (MVA; fall etc.)
  • Determine if drugs or drug combinations contribute to the incident precipitating a personal injury
  • Evaluate medical and prescription records to assess likely toxicity of drug(s)
  • Critique the report or claims of another Expert.

IFC are happy to address any of these questions or any others you may have and routinely provide advice and reports addressing all issues relating to Personal Injury claims.

A quick phone call or brief consultation can help you determine the role of drugs or alcohol in your matter.

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