Medical Negligence

Did a loved one become ill or die as a result of a medical mistake or prescription error?

More and more people are becoming ill or dying as a result of drug interactions between prescription drugs, alcohol and herbal medicines.

Effects of drug interactions will become more prevalent as the population continues to age, and drug interactions become more complex.

IFC can help medical and legal professionals:

  • Determine if a medical mistake did occur and assess the outcome: Was too much morphine given, or a medication mixed up?
  • Evaluate medical and prescription records to assess likely toxicity of prescribed drug(s): What possible interactions may occur if pain and anxiety medications are co-administered?
  • Determine if multiple drugs caused illness or death: Could the death following the combination of anti-psychotic and anti-depressant use have been avoided?
  • Determine likely side-effects and toxicity of prescribed or over-the-counter drugs
  • Determine if further testing is required: Could more tests be performed to answer all the questions asked?

IFC are happy to address any of these questions or any others you may have and routinely provide advice and reports addressing all issues relating to matters of Medical Negligence.

A quick phone call or brief consultation can help you determine the role of drugs or alcohol in your matter.

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