Hair Testing

Would you like to know if a person is a chronic user of drugs? Or if they were they using drugs 6 months ago?

Hair analysis may determine if a person is or has been using drugs, long after all drugs have gone from their blood and urine. In some cases hair testing can reveal drug use as far back as 2 years.

IFC can offer expertise in:

  • Family Law Matters: Is the mother or father unfit because he or she continues to use cocaine? Depending upon length and type of hair, the drug-use history of an individual can be determined for many months or even years. Long after drugs have left the blood and urine.
  • Probation and parole cases to help determine if drug use is continuing.
  • Suspected drug use among active duty personnel: Confirm if rumours of methamphetamine use among the ranks are true by testing hair samples.
  • Date Rape investigations: Determine if a drug detected in urine is a one off ingestion or the result of long-term drug use.
  • Suspected drug use among medical professionals: Are clinicians diverting drugs for their own recreational use?
  • Wrongful dismissal proceedings: Is an individual being accused of long-term drug use? Hair testing can discriminate between one-off and chronic drug use.
  • Monitoring of individuals in substance abuse treatment or rehabilitation programs: Most drugs we ingest end up in our hair. When blood or urine testing is inappropriate, hair testing can determine ongoing drug-use.

IFC are recognised experts in hair testing and interpretation and are happy to address any of these questions or any others you may have and routinely provide advice and reports addressing all issues relating to Hair Testing.

A quick phone call or brief consultation can help you determine the role of drugs in your matter.

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